TISS - Fuel Security Devices

TISS award winning range of fuel security devices are globally recognized as the most effective fuel anti-theft solutions. TankSafe devices are proven to resolve any hauliers' fuel security issues, ensuring your fuel and profits are protected.
The TankSafe™ Impregnable is the only device to prevent any fuel loss due to its unique float-valve that locks off after filling meaning no fuel can be siphoned.

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TISS - Key Benefits

a) Prevents Skimming - The cause of 99% of all the fuel theft
b) Proven Reductions - Fuel bills reduced by 10% 
c) Made up of 100% Aluminum to withstand strong impact force.
d) Prevents Overfilling - Assists HSE compliance
e) Prevents Diesel Spills - Environmentally Friendly
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TISS TankSafe Fitting 

TISS devices can be either fitted with Grib screws with the fuel tank or it can also be fitted with adhesive for added security.

TankSafe™ devices can be fitted to all Global truck models, Plant and construction equipment, refrigerated trailers, buses, coaches and vans.

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GB Equipment Solutions has a dedicated team for TISS products and is always ready to serve you. To achieve complete peace of mind for your machine's fuel security contact us