JCB Diesel by Kohler
Engine Emission
Fuel Optimised
50/60 Hz


Designed to deliver high performance in the most compact packages.

At the heart of this generator range is the JCB Diesel by Kohler engines. JCB’s engine range ensures tried and proven performance, economy and low noise to support you daily in any application.The G20QS to G45QS models are fitted with top-notch componentry to compliment the engine, including Mecc Alte alternators  and a standard-fit Deep Sea Electronics (DSE) control panel to maintain high performance, even in these smaller power generators.


Ensuring a quiet, smooth operation with a canopy option for all models
Fitted with premium componentry including Mecc Alte alternators and deep sea electronics
Lightweight product with multiple lift points
Hinge design prevents dust ingress but allows doors to be removed when open
Compact dimensions allows the generator be installed in many applications
All steel construction with no plastic components

JCB's Diesel by Kohler engine provides power to the G20Qs-G45QS range of generators - that means you can expect superior performance, low fuel consumption and increased efficiency.

Mecc Alte alternators are among the most efficient on the market, and all of our generators are fitted with them as standard.

The compact canopy minimises logistics costs for dealers and customers alike and reduces space requirements when installed on site.

Our largest compact model boasts a turbocharger and 4 valves per cylinder for high power performance.

The 20-45QS are the smallest models in the new QS range, delivering compact dimensions and a class leading width to enable multiple units to be transported together.

There are four lifting points on the G20QS to G45QS generators, ensuring superb manoeuvrability and maximum control.

Phosphate dipped and 9stg powder paint finish for excellent corrosion and UV resistance.

All new models feature multi-stage, fuel filtration ensuring the machines are protected against lower quality fuels.

The QS range is designed with all steel and no plastic components ensuring the quality and longevity of our product.

The compact QS range offers class leading serviceability with large access doors with positively retained sound proofing and enhanced service access. 

Mechanical door latches also allow for "slam shut" and are simple and easy to use.

The JCB Diesel by Kohler engine allows single-sided service access with an external radiator fill point to make to make servicing easy.

Internal, lockable fill point for improved security with easy to access neck.

All parts including the engine components will be available via JCB service.

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