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Global Expertise 540-200

The new JCB 540-200 represents a new high for our Loadalls. Its 5-piece boom – with range-topping 20m reach – means you get the manoeuvrability of a telescopic handler, combined with crane-like lifting performance, potentially saving you from hiring additional machinery.

This telehandler is also blessed with innovative hydraulics to boost efficiency, as well as three steer modes. Of course, productivity is nothing without durability, which is why the 540-200 uses our renowned DIESELMAX engine with a perfectly matched JCB transmission. This Loadall also boasts a stable work platform, great comfort, excellent safety, and easy serviceability.


5-piece boom with 20m reach
Huge forward reach lifting capability
Innovative hydraulic system
Tried and proven DIESELMAX engine
Superb durability without excess bulk
Safe, comfortable and easy to service

To ensure operators are comfy – and therefore productive – the new 540-200 Loadall has a 3 or 7-speed heater system with optional air conditioning.

For quick, easy, precise control, we’ve fitted the 540-200 with a single lever servo control and proportional auxiliaries.

The cabin on this new telehandler has backlit switches that are easily visible in light or darkness.

To maximise comfort, the 540-200 Loadall’s steering column can be tilted to suit the operator (telescopic adjustment is optional).

Our standard-fit tinted cab glass reflects 30% of the sun’s energy – this blocks out potentially distracting glare for operators of this telescopic handler.

The JCB DIESELMAX engine in the new 540-200 Loadall is tried and trusted. Specifically designed for off-highway machines, there are 200,000 DIESELMAX units in service around the world, having completed over 600 million hours.

For ultimate strength and durability, there are large boom overlaps of up to 1.4m. The boom sections on this Loadall are made from two U-shaped high strength steel pressings that are longitudinally welded to each other along the neutral axis.

Overall structural strength on the 540-200 is improved still further by the keyhole castings holding the lift ram, not to mention the one-piece fully welded chassis and low-mounted boom (which also boosts visibility).

The new improved robust exterior top door slam latch means you can close this telescopic handler’s upper door from outside.

The tilt ram on a 540-200 Loadall is out of harm’s way, underslung beneath the boom nose. The boom hoses are securely routed internally within a flexible guide. This keeps them under control during extension and retraction.

To keep the rear light units from damage, they can fold up and out of the way. For even more site damage protection, the 540-200’s side engine bonnet is recessed.

Excellent manoeuvrability and quick travel times are part of the new 540-200 Loadall package; a compact wheelbase and large steering lock angles (like our smaller 17m machine) provide a tight turning circle.

JCB’s 4-speed powershift transmission is perfectly matched to our 74kW and 85kW engines for maximum torque at low revs and, in turn, ultimate productivity.

The 540-200 Loadall has three selectable steer modes. There’s two wheel steer, which is ideal for travelling on the road; four-wheel steer for working in tight spaces; and crab steer for manoeuvring close to walls and buildings.

Because our sway chassis keeps it level on uneven ground, the 540-200 can be used in a variety of conditions and applications.

JCB's unique Q-fit fork carriage provides excellent visibility on this telehandler, while our side shifting forks can handle all sorts of loads quickly and easily.

The JCB 540-200 Loadall is a stable work platform; its stabiliser legs have a wide spread so that operator confidence and load capacity is maximised throughout the lift envelope.

JCB’s Adaptive Load Control system boosts safety by automatically preventing the 540-200 Loadall from overturning forwards during heavy load handling (Europe only).

We’ve fitted a reversing alarm to the new 540-200 as standard, while a full set of side and rear view mirrors provides all-round visibility and safety compliance.

To guard against hose failure, we fit Hose Burst Check Valves (HBCVs) to the rams on this telehandler.

The 540-200 Loadall is protected from instability by angle position sensors on the boom. Chassis sway is isolated from use above a 10˚ boom elevation, while stabilisers are isolated when boom elevation reaches 45˚.

Ergonomically positioned grab handles and two cab steps mean that operators can get in and out of a 540-200 telescopic handler quickly and easily, all the while keeping three points of contact.

Optional front and rear work lights make for excellent visibility – day or night – on the 540-200.

The new 540-200 Loadall’s diesel tank is easy to access and fill from ground level, and it has an integral pre-filter in the filler neck to cope with dirty fuel.

It’s easy to adjust the boom chain on a 540-200. The whole task can be done from one location at the front, and there’s no need to remove any panels or use any special tools.

The filters on this Loadall (engine oil, hydraulic oil and fuel) are centrally located for fast, easy servicing.

All of the usual daily checks can be carried out from ground level on this telescopic handler.

JCB uses a dry lubricant on the wear pads of the 540-200. This means the service interval is 500hrs; on typical competitor machines, it’s just 250hrs.

You can easily get to the 540-200 Loadall’s battery without specialist tools by simply opening a lockable cover with the ignition key.

Our new 540-200 Loadall has a 5-piece boom design. This cleverly combines a hydraulic ram and chains to extend or retract all the sections proportionally in one fast, smooth movement. What’s more, it’s all operated from just one lever.

This Loadall can lift 1500kg loads to a height of 20M; handling a pallet of bricks is easy. Formidable forward reach capability (200kg at 15.9m, 1500kg at 8.9m) also means the 540-200 can reach across building foundations.

We fit a versatile, productive double-acting boom auxiliary as standard to this telescopic handler. With its built-in drain line, this feature can power many different attachments easily, including motorised units like winches.

To maximise visibility, the 540-200’s extension ram, chains and hoses are routed through the boom. What’s more, our hydraulic regeneration system improves cycle times and improves economy by diverting oil to the rams while the arm is lowering.

The 540-200 Loadall offers the same or better cycle times than our 17m machine, courtesy of its electro servo hydraulics and high-flow 110 l/min hydraulic pump. Expect fast and productive handling of loads at height.

Fast and productive cycle times are ensured with JCB’s flow-sharing hydraulic system, which proportionally splits flow to different services. To give you an idea, this means the boom can be lifted and extended simultaneously.

JCB 540-200 Telescopic Handlers Dubai
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