Quick Specifications

Maximum Bucket Capacity
1.02 m³
Maximum Operating Weight
21500 kg
Maximum Engine Power
106 KW (140hp)

Tracked Excavator JCB NXT 205

The new Tracked Excavator 205 NXT is a next-generation excavator with a wide range of applications. Its advanced telematics technology allows you to remotely manage your machine through operational data, health and fuel alerts, and location data for better operational control. It can make a significant contribution to the United Arab Emirates' landmarks project by ensuring maximum performance, strength, comfort, efficiency, and productivity.

Equipped with Advanced Telematics Technology.
EcoHydraulics provides efficient power management and lower fuel consumption.
Powered by intelliControl, it can operate in over 10 different modes.
A special filtration system built into the machine allows hydraulic oil to be changed every 5000 hours.

IntelliControl provides real-time operational data on a digital display screen. On the screen, you can see the fuel status, colour-coded health alerts, engine speed, and operating mode status.

Advanced Telematics Technology allows you to remotely monitor your machines.

For greater control, use the Live Link mobile application for GPS tracking, geo-fencing, and machine utilisation reports.

JCB ecoHydraulics allows for innovative power management and lower fuel consumption.

A class-leading engine powers fuel-efficient operation, resulting in 32% lower fuel consumption in Eco mode when compared to the previous model*.

For improved fuel management and efficiency, JCB Dynamic Efficiency offers three power modes: Eco, Power, and Power Plus.

IntelliControl supports ten different working modes in Eco mode, each tailored to a specific application for fuel-efficient operation.

*In testing conditions

To reduce maintenance costs, a special filtration system allows hydraulic oil to be changed every 5000 hours and provides a hydraulic main filter change interval of 1000 hours.

The turbine-type pre-cleaner assembly filters dust particles and extends the life of the air filter elements and the engine.

Air filter elements with radial seals provide secure and error-free sealing.

Greasing at boom ends with graphite-induced bush for 50 hours.

The engine oil gives high level productivity upto 500 hours before change.

A gas strut aids in the easy opening and closing of the compact and easy-to-handle bonnet. It makes routine maintenance simple and easy.

Boom-end pivot bushes must be greased every 50 hours to reduce maintenance costs and increase machine uptime.

Fuses and relays are easily accessible inside the cabin.

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