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Wheel Loader 426

Enhanced comfort for the operator and simplified maintenance are just a two of the many reasons to buy JCB 426 front loader. This machine is loaded with features, like productivity, efficiency, easy maintenance and extreme durability.

JCB 469 is a fine testament to the superb loaders that JCB offers. Its 5.9 litre 6-cylinder Cummins engine is Stage 2 compliant and produces 112 kW and 633 Nm. Of course, all JCB front-end loaders are designed to get the most from every drop of fuel. On the 426, there’s a load sensing hydraulic system with a variable displacement pump and a variable speed cooling fan, all of which consume power only when required. Additionally, there’s a Cummins Engine and an all-ZF driveline.


Choose from Z-bar or HT loader arms
Stage 2 112 kW Cummins 5.9 litre engine
4-speed ZF fully automatic power shift transmission and ZF axles
Load-sensing valve block that consumes power only on demand
Spacious, comfortable cab design with excellent visibility

The JCB 426 front loader’s 112 kW Cummins engine is mated to a 4-speed ZF fully automatic powershift transmission and ZF axles for stepless gear changes and smooth operation. HT loader geometry makes the 426 perfect for parallel lifting and multi-attachment use. For the ultimate in precise, efficient control, the JCB 456 front loader’s innovative variable displacement pumps feed a load-sensing valve block, only consuming power on demand. They can provide 164 l/min hydraulic flow for maximum multi-functioning performance. Unloaded spool valves lower the 426’s loader arms lower under gravitational – not hydraulic – force. Meanwhile, wheel speed braking means brakes rotate at wheel speed for heat and drag reduction, as well as improved fuel economy.

For ultimate reliability, we construct our wheel loaders using only the very best componentry, including a Cummins Engine, ZF driveline, Bosch Rexroth pumps and Parker Valve block. We used computer-aided finite element analysis to make these wheel loaders last longer, as well as simulated rig testing to ensure durability and reliability of the main structures. Because our front end loaders are used in every corner of the globe, we tested the 426 to ensure optimum operation in climates ranging from -20°C to 50°C. There’s integrated ROPS/FOPS protection on the 426 front-end loader to protect operators from hazards on site.

Operating 426 front-end loaders is simple and efficient. Operators can choose the loader controls they prefer: multi lever, joystick, proportional auxiliaries. Return-to-dig, arm height limitation and float functions are always at hand. Like other front loaders in our range, the 426 uses innovative load-sensing hydraulics for precise and efficient control. Visibility is excellent all-round on this front loader, with a three-piece laminated front screen, heated exterior mirrors and a sloping rear bonnet design. The spacious 3m3 cab on the 426 front-end loader is fitted with an in cab display providing the operator with information about the machine, including health alerts. The 426’s cab is isolator mounted for quietness and it’s positively pressurised to keep out dust. Our Smoothride suspension system reduces shock loadings and spillages on these front-end loaders.

426 front loaders have class-leading service and maintenance access, and long 500-hour service intervals. Greasing is convenient from ground level and wide-opening gullwing doors provide easy access to this wheel loader’s engine bay and cooling pack areas. The 426 front-end loader has a variable speed hydraulic cooling fan that automatically reacts to ambient temperatures and adjusts the fan speed for maximum economy. JCB’s Electronic Management System controls tractive effort via the front loader’s transmission to reduce service brake wear and fuel consumption.

JCB 426 Wheel Loaders Dubai
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